Scented Air Fresheners with Multi-Style Designs, Great Decor

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Look no further than our fantastic range of hanging designs, scented air fresheners for adding colour, fragrance, and design to your home, office, or vehicle.

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Scented Hanging Car Air Freshener

These relaxing card air fresheners are placed on the car vent and your mood is instantly improved! The lovely designs make it more attractive and fashionable. The scented car air fresheners are designed to eliminate stale and unwanted odours and provide a pleasant, long-lasting fragrance. This can be hung anywhere, in the car, home, office, cloakroom, bathroom… Anywhere to give the place a fresh clean scent. This is the latest innovation in hanging fragrances. These fragrances are non-toxic and are great to freshen up any car, truck, or room with a variety of good fragrances that last long.

Available Fragrances:

  • Red Fiat 500 Car Design Orange Scent
  • Giraffe Design Banana Scent
  • Pug Design Peach Scent
  • Unicorn Design  Berry Scent
  • Unicorn Design Vanilla Scent
  • Pineapple Design Cherry Scent
  • Cute Pug Design Cherry Scent
  • Funky Flamingo Design Pina Colada Scent
  • Guitar Design Fizzy Cola Scent
  • Red Bus Design Mint Scent
  • Gothic Skull Design Rose Scent
  • Maneki Neko Lucky Cat Jasmine Scent


  • Scented Air Freshener
  • Perfect for the Car, Office, Gym, Locker or at Home
  • Hanging Design


Material: Card and Fragrance

Safety Information: Keep away from children. Full safety and fragrance information is shown on the product packaging. Do not rest or lean against any surface as the oils in the air freshener can cause staining or damage.


Cute Pug Design Cherry Scent, Flamingo, Giraffe Design, Guitar, Maneki Neko Lucky Cat Jasmine Scent, Pineapple Design, Pug Design, Red Bus, Red Fiat 500 Car, Skull, Unicorn Design, Unicorn Design Vanellia Scent



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