Silentnight Mattress Topper in Single, Double and King Size

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Ready to go and ultra-fast heat up, the blanket will feel warm to the touch after only a few minutes. Covered in luxuriously soft and breathable quilted cotton.

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Silentnight Heated Foam Mattress Topper

Silentnight heated foam mattress topper helps one to achieve complete control of their comfort and warmth. The foam topper features 9 adjustable heat settings that one can use to set the temperature and also comes up in different sizes i.e. Single, Double and King size memory foam mattress topper. The multi-zone topper for mattress, dual control function allows the user to regulate the warmth on each side independently also as body and feet zones. This means one will have one half the blanket shifted, whereas the other half is switched on. Or if one suffers from cold feet one can choose to have the warmth switched on only on the lowest half of the mattress topper double. Not only will the best memory foam mattress topper facilitate staying one heat and toasty, but the hollow fiber and foam filling provide final comfort and support while molding to the contours of their body together. This additional comfort layer can facilitate rejuvenating any pad. The silent night memory foam mattress includes overheating protection which implies the topper can automatically shut down if the built-in thermal fuse detects a hotspot or a fault within the heated cables.

Silentnight Ultimate Deep Sleep Topper

Silentnight Ultimate Deep Sleep Topper is extra deep for ultimate comfort. Its quilted cover features internal walls to make sure the gently supportive filling stays in nice shape and is often plump. 5cm depth for final comfortableness and support so you can sink into cloud-like comfort and experience deeper sleep. The silentnight deep sleep ultimate topper double king is covered in luxuriously soft and breathable thick cotton, for superior comfort. The topper provides gentle support and adds another layer of comfort to your existing mattress as well as helping to refresh and rejuvenate it. The topper is hypoallergenic which means it’s kind to skin and does not include any contents doubtless to cause allergies, it’s also machine washable.


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