Slug and Snail Killer – Organic Slug Control Pellets (300gm)

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Slug and snail control killer, enclosing 300 gm of slug/snail repellent pellets to make your garden flourish. Ideal, pet-friendly, strong pest killer, for outdoor use.

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Slug and Snail Killer Pellets

These slug and snail control mini blue pellets contain ferric phosphate that helps reduce slug and snail damage to your beautiful plants to make your garden flourish. These slug repellent pellets are approved for use in organic systems around edible and non-edible crops. Reduce the snails/slugs from your fruits, vegetables, and flowers with these organic slug control pellets. The slug pellets are pet safe and are sold as a minimum of 1 pack. Each pack contains 300g of slug and snail repellent pellets.    

When, Where & How to Use?

Slugs love the wet, cooler weather. So, spring and autumn are the prime seasons. Use when you first see any slug or snail damage on your plants. For outdoors, use only when the conditions are mild and damp. Ensure the snail killer pellets are applied to the whole soil area that you want to protect. Be careful not to trap them on the leaves of your plants. Sprinkle the pellets evenly and thinly over the soil and around the base of the plants to be protected so that the individual pellets fall 8-10 cm apart. Avoid watering too much for a few days after application.

Available in 3 Packaging

This slug and snail killer is available in three packages, each of which weighs 300 g. These are: 

  • Pack of 1
  • Pack of 2 
  • Pack of 3 
  • Pack of 6
Pack Size

Pack of 1, Pack of 2, Pack of 3, Pack of 6



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