Socky Doll FLUNKY MONKEY Cute Lavender Scent Microwavable Toy

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  • A NEW character for 2014! Socky Dolls are a fun and exciting range of heatable bedtime toys for all ages.
  • Designed in bright, modern and funky colours, these 8 adorable cute characters are brought to life.
  • The vibrant Socky Dolls are made entirely from real sock material which is soft and tactile, filled with the grain they feel like a beanbag toy, and with their colourful cartoon-like appearance, they are even more appealing.
  • Fully microwavable and scented with French Lavender the Socky Doll gang are the perfect collectable companions for day and night.
  • Simply heat the whole doll in the microwave for two minutes to release the soothing aroma then snuggle down and enjoy restful sleep, secure in the knowledge your new-found bedtime buddy will be right with you!.

Approx Size 8″ The Socky Doll crew includes: Bandito The Bandit | Wag The Dog | Boo The Monster | Diddly The Cow | Mr Hootle The Owl | Bunty The Rabbit | NEW Bellamy The Bear | NEW Curtis The Cat | NEW Flunky Monkey | NEW Teddy Tiger Whatever your favorite – there’s a Socky Doll for everyone.



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