Socky Dolls Diddly the Cow Heatable Soft Toy

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  • Gently scented with relaxing lavender.
  • Can be surfaced cleaned with a damp sponge.
  • Suitable for ages 3+.
  • Approximate size: 8″.
  • Can be microwaved for up to 2 minutes (depending on microwave category please refer to instructions included).

Imagine a fanciful world where your lost socks live. Socky Dolls are here. Bright, modern and available in 6 cute, colourful characters. Socky Dolls are fully microwavable collectable companions for kids and adults. Weird, quirky, wacky and wonderful, these little characters will capture your hearts. You won’t be able to stop at just one. From Bunty the Bunny, Mr Hootle the Owl, Bandito, Boo, Wag and Diddly, each Socky Doll has their own unique personality and take on life. Inspired from the love of quirky and colourful socks and our willingness to embrace whimsical worlds where anything is possible, Socky Dolls fly the flag for sock lovers all over the world. 100% cotton and made from real sock material they’re squishy, soft, curious and cute. Teddy bears round the world be afraid.



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