Stainless Steel Italian Espresso Stove Top Coffee Maker

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The coffee maker is made from aluminium and holds a capacity of 175ml, 350ml, 450ml or 3,6,9 cups. Easy to clean and with frothy milk you can make your own cappuccino coffee.

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Stainless Steel Espresso Ground Coffee Maker Percolator Moka Pot 

The Italian espresso coffee maker is made from quality aluminium in a unique octagon shape. Popular “Moka pot” to make Italian-style espresso coffee. This would be fabulous for a small group of people or for taking camping in a boat, motorhome or tent as it is small and light!. Easy to clean and with frothy milk you can make your cappuccino coffee. Just add chocolate sprinkles. 

The coffee maker is made up of 6 sections.

  1. The water reservoir (the base) fills water no higher than the value
  2. Place in Funnel
  3. Fill the funnel with ground coffee to the brim and level excess
  4. Screw on top
  5. Place the coffee maker on a heat source and bring to the boil
  6. Turn off the heat and wait for the coffee to drip into the coffee reservoir

The pot will get very hot during heating, always use oven gloves to hold the handle.


  • With an ergonomic handle designed, has high-temperature resistance and heat insulation performance.
  • Using food‑grade aluminium, strong and durable, safe and non‑toxic, can be used safely.
  •  It can be heated directly on a cooker, gas stove, or electric stove to make delicious coffee for you.
  • Smooth surface, exquisite workmanship, beautiful, easy to clean, and strong practicability.

Available Sizes- 

3-Cup 175ml- 13×16.5×10.5cm

6-Cup 350ml- 14×10.5×20.4cm

9-Cup 450ml- 16.1×23.8×11.6cm



3-Cup 175ml, 6-Cup 350ml, 9-Cup 450ml



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