Swarovski Crystal Animal Figurine Ornaments

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These crystals animals series provide a touch of cuteness to your home, each animal is made to the Swarovski standard and adds great appeal to your decor.

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Crystal Glass Animal Figurine for Table Home Decoration

Swarovski’s home decorating collections combine artistry and creativity. We have things that are perfectly positioned to illuminate and excite your house, from brilliant figurines to beautiful dining accessories. You’ll find they’re the perfect ornaments to celebrate every event, expertly fashioned in stunningly brilliant crystals.

Care & Maintenance:

Clean your crystal product by hand with lukewarm water or polish it with a soft, lint-free towel, but do not submerge it in water. To enhance brilliance, dry it with a gentle, lint-free cloth. To avoid putting fingerprints on your crystal, wear cotton gloves when handling it. Avoid contact with abrasive products and glass/window cleaners at all costs.

Design: The Swarovski, decorative home accessories have 3 different designs: a Cat (110mm), a Birdbath (88mm), and a Tropical fish (70mm)


Birdbath (88mm), Cat (110mm), Tropical fish (70mm)



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