Throws/Blankets for Beds, Sofas, and Settees

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Beautiful Throws/Blankets For Your Home

You are bound to enjoy a sound and relaxing sleep with these throws/blankets in your room, which will give you much needed rest to face the next day with high energy and confidence. This soft textured blanket is a fantastic choice for your bed as another layer. These are available in two different sizes. One is a double-sized throw/blankets (150×200) and the other is a king-sized throw/blankets (200×240). It’s suitable for lounging, camping, and any mattress, sofa, or chair as a decoration. Undoubtedly, these blankets would be a great gift for Birthdays, Christmas, and other family holidays.


Best Way to Decorate Your Room

A bedroom should look cozy and simple, sophisticated, and elegant, regardless of what style of decorating you choose. This magnificent throw blanket is ideal to decorate your bedroom and can be used as a throw over furniture such as couches, beds, and sofa beds. There is a beautiful pom pom at each corner, thereby adding a sparkling color and fancy feel to any room.


Beautiful Design

It is made with soft and comfortable polyester available in several colors to mix and match the decor. These throws can be used as cute decor for young girls and as a personalised adult blanket and also suitable for sofas, tables, apartments, vehicles, camping, picnics, travel & house. 


ChunkyRib-Blush-150×200, ChunkyRib-Blush-200×240, ChunkyRib-Charcoal-150×200, ChunkyRib-Charcoal-200×240, ChunkyRib-Mink-150×200, ChunkyRib-Mink-200×240, ChunkyRib-Mustard-150×200, ChunkyRib-Mustard-200×240, ChunkyRib-Silver-150×200, ChunkyRib-Silver-200×240, Pompom-Blush-150×200, Pompom-Blush-200×240, Pompom-Charcoal-150×200, Pompom-Charcoal-200×240, Pompom-Mink-150×200, Pompom-Mustard-150×200, pompom-Mustard-200×240, Pompom-Silver-150×200, Pompom-Silver-200×240, Popcorn-Black-150×200, Popcorn-Black-200×240, Popcorn-Blue-150×200, Popcorn-Blue-200×240, popcorn-Blush-150×200, Popcorn-Blush-200×240, Popcorn-Charcoal-150×200, Popcorn-Charcoal-200×240, Popcorn-Mink-150×200, Popcorn-Mink-200×240, Popcorn-Mustard-150×200, Popcorn-Mustard-200×240, Popcorn-Silver-150×200, Popcorn-Silver-200×240



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