Wham Studio 8.01 Plastic Storage Cool Basket/Box

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The Studio Basket 8.01 Rectangular storage box is sleek, versatile and suited to display other products such as craft accessories, make-up, pantry goods, cleaning and laundry products and even toys.

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Rectangular Wham Studio Basket 8.01 

This Wham Rectangular Studio Basket is sleek and modern in appearance, making it ideal for storing bathroom toiletries, makeup and cosmetics, stationery items, or kitchen spices and utensils. The basket’s glossy silver sage finish ensures that it blends in with any home decor, while its minimalistic design ensures that it won’t look out of place in any room it’s placed in. When the basket is stored on a shelf, an integrated handle makes it easy to slide it out.


  • High-Quality Rectangular Studio Storage Basket in Silver Sage
  • Versatile Storage Solution for Home or Office
  • Integrated Handle for Easy Movement of Basket
  • Nestable Inside Each Other When Empty
  • Moulded Corner Stoppers Prevent Airlocks When Baskets Are Nested Inside Each Other


 Colours & Sizes – Available in 4 colours Icewhite, Cool grey, Blush Pink, Silver sage & 8.01 same size have a rectangular shape to suit all storage needs.


Grey, Pink, Silver, White



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