Woodlice, Carpet Moth Beetle Killer – kill Fleas – Doff 300g

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For the control of woodlice, wasps, cockroaches, beetles and other crawling insects in and around the home try Doff woodlice carpet moth & beetle killer 300g.

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Protect Your Carpet from Insects

Great safe alternative to traditional chemical moth sprays. Stamps out Moth infestations in your home by destroying eggs, killing larvae, and killing adult moths. Moth repellent for wardrobes & carpet.  Potent, long-lasting killer for rapid control of household insects in homes, sheds, outbuildings, stables, poultry houses and chicken coops, kills and controls insect larvae and eggs. Powerful, professional-quality household insect pest killer guarantees a quick result. 

How to Apply

To be applied to skirting areas, windowsills and infested areas where Beetles have been seen Crawling as well as where the spray is either not safe (near electrical goods and plug sockets) or difficult to apply. This is a Dry treatment with no staining or odours. strips prevent re-infestation and provide long-term protection, indoors in the home. This product  Centurion 92336 is available in multi colours.  

Pack Size

Pack of 1, Pack of 3, Pack of 6



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