WoodWick Trilogy medium Candle Multicolour Glass Jar

 WoodWicks highly fragranced jar candles feature a natural wooden wick to create the soothing sound of a crackling fire.

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WoodWick Trilogy Medium Candle Glass Jar

WoodWick, each Trilogy candle in this collection offers 3 distinct fragrances, creating its own unique scent experience as the layers melt together. Woodwick diffuser/fireside allows for the release of room-filling fragrance while removing the worry of dirty spillage. To inject the sealed wooden cap, scented oil is drawn up through the natural rustic dowel. For a refined, stylish finish, the lid is engraved with the WoodWick logo. Fills your home scent with fragrance for up to 60 days. Please allow at least 48 hours for the fragranced oil to fully absorb into the wooden lid. Each fragrance is carefully selected and tested to ensure this candle fills the room with its long-lasting scent. The patented wooden wick of hearthwick flame candles creates a long, dancing flame and distinctive crackle for a sophisticated fireside feel


WoodWick Trilogy GoldenTreatsA

Three complementary scents White Honey, Oat Flower, Golden Milk are carefully selected and layered into one vessel to craft a unique fragrance offering that evolves as the candle burns.

WoodWick Medium AtTheBeach

Escape to the beach with the summery scents of tropical citrus, creamy coconut and cool sea breezes

WoodWick Velvet Tobacco Med

Scents of vanilla, tobacco, dried plum and cinnamon are infused with sandalwood and smoky cedar


At the beach, Golden Treats, Velvet



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