Yankee Candle Large 2-Wick Square Elevation Collection

Yankee Candle elevation collection, comprising large-sized, 2-wick “Arctic Frost” and  seaSea Salt & Lavender scented candle with a platform lid, enclosed in a square-shaped glass jar. 

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Yankee Candle Elevation Collection

These long-lasting, large 2-wick square candles, by Yankee Candle, are available in a refreshing fragrance made from the combination of premium quality ingredients and waxes, selected and gathered from all around the world. This Yankee Candle elevation collection fragrance/scent includes “Arctic Frost”, “Sea Salt & Lavender”. These candles are enclosed in a square-shaped medium glass jar. It comes with a platform lid that fits perfectly into the bottom of the glass. The candle arctic forest measures 10cm x 10cm x 15cm, weighs 553 g and the sea salt & lavender measure 13.5 cm height x 8 cm width (552 g) and has a burn time of 65 to 80 hours. 

Ideal Gift/Home Decor

These Yankee Candle elevation collection candles serve the purpose of both a gift as well as a home decor item. Ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen, or any other personalised small space in your home. Place this large 2-wick square candle by the fireplace in your home, gather your friends/family, and enjoy the amazing aromatic scent. Whether it’s Christmas, the Birthday of someone close to your heart, Valentines’ Day, or any other special occasion, this scented candle, with exquisite double-flame would be a lovely inspirational present.


Arctic Frost, Sea Salt & Lavender



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