Yankee – Lantern Shaped Pastel Romance Candle Jars/Holders


These pastel candle jars, in large and medium-size, have a delicate lantern shape and a touch of gold colour. This makes them an elegant home decor accessory.

SKU: OS-003352-00

Features of Lantern Jars 

  • Material – Metal 
  • Colour – Gold and Pastel 
  • Dimensions – 15.5 x 15.5 x 14.5 centimeters 
  • Sizes – Medium and Large 

Lantern Pastel Romance Jars

These candleholders/jars are available in large and medium sizes. Having a lantern-themed shape and a delicate work of gold and pastel colour makes these pastel romance jars an elegant home decoration accessory. These are made with strong and premium quality material. Be it any type of wax, the shape is designed so as to contain the candle fully and prevent any leftover to damage your furniture. This way, it helps the candle to give a clean and consistent burn. One can arrange them according to the size for a presentable assortment as well.

Decoration and Gift Ideas

Apart from being a delicate decoration idea, these candle jars having eight edges can be used as a gift idea as well. For their feature to contain all the wax leftovers, these can be ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, kid’s rooms, or any personalized space. It can serve the best purpose at times of Christmas and birthdays. The idea of the whole family is gathered around a sweet-scented candle in this jar is just mesmerizing. You can also place them with your birthday, wedding, Valentine’s day, or any type of party decorations. This can prove to be a great treat for the eyes. 

– Available in medium and large sizes.


Romance Lantern jar Med, Romance Large Jar Lantern



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