Zoo Animals Kids 3 Pcs Cutlery Set& 4xCrystal Glass Coasters

Kids are excited to use their cutlery set at mealtimes.Multicrystal Coasters Glass will be a great decoration for office tables, dining tables or any table-top.

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Zoo Animal Cultery Set for Kids:  This cutlery set is perfect for little ones wanting to eat like their favourite character. The fork, spoon, and knife set are ideal for everyday use at home, as well as for bringing to the camping trips, or vacations to avoid mealtime interruptions. The handles are easy to hold, and the pointy part of the forks is round and smooth for the safest usage. Due to its Bright and Colourful design can make meal times fun.

Multicrystal Coasters Glass: The Silver Mirror surround in Square is a gorgeous glass coaster that adopts a mirror design. The edges are polished. The square in the middle is transparent glass. The combination of mirror refraction is an eye-catching decoration. Each Silver Coaster measures approximately 10cm square.


  • Bright and Colourful design to make mealtimes fun
  • Versatile for boys and girls of all ages
  • Stunning set of 4 Coasters
  • Silver Mirror with inset crushed crystal surround
  • Each Coaster measures approximately 10cm square

3 Pcs Spoon Zoo Animal Cutlery Set, Set of 4 Crystal Coaster Glass



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