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Face visor mask Shoeld Protection UKThis is a very simple and easy to use face v..

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Face visor mask Shoeld Protection UK

This is a very simple and easy to use face visor ideal for those looking for extra protection when working in dusty, dirty or potentially infectious environments. The lightweight plastic visor is attached to an elasticated headband which is fitted securely around your head. The hinges allow you to wear the visor down to protect your face or up when you may need to eat or drink. The face shield can be reused again and again after cleaning. This Anti-Saliva Protective Face Shield Is Specially Designed for the Health of Your Friends and Family

Product Key Feature:

The face shield is made of PET and Foam, adjustable headband fits different head circumstance.

The face shield can protect your full face away from dust, wind, spitting, splashing,etc.

The face shield provides protection for you in subway, bus, supermarket, office, school, kitchen.


Material:PET & Foam


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